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Scooterearz Product Photo Shoot

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What a productive morning we had yesterday!

Product Photo Shoot

Its always great to work with our lovely photographer Jo Douet and especially nice to be snug inside her studio while the sky turned grey and the heavens opened!!!

We have been photographing product shots of our exciting new designs, due to launch later in the year, we can't wait to show you all what we have been up to!!

As you can see from the photos the studio was awash with an assortment of Scooters and all our current and brand new Scooterearz scooter mitts.

We think you are going to love our new Scooterearz as much as we do.


Elisa and Vickie

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  8. jo douet

    ha ha I wish I had have tidied up the studio now! I love your designs they are so bright and vibrant! Good work girls X

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