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Scooterearz 2012 NEW Range

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After an exciting summer with the Jubilee, Olympics, Summer Holidays and now back to school! We've been really busy entertaining our youngsters and working on our exciting new range. Still available in our Classic Black we have some colourful new additions to our Scooterearz Scooter mitts range and we'd like to introduce you to Scooterearz 2012. 
union-jack-image   flowers-image   cars-image
Scooterearz Union Jack - what better way to enter into the winter of one of our most patriotic summers with some Scooterearz Union Jacks!    Scooterearz Flowers  - We're sure your little princess'es will love this bright pink flower design.  

Scooterearz Cars - great for a cool dude on his scooter.

We think they look great and are a fab way to accessorise your scooter and keep little hands warm at the same time.  No scooter this winter will be complete without a funky pair of “Scooterearz” – washable, wearable, durable handwarmers which you easily attach to your child’s scooter. Made to fit most scooter models and strider bikes without brakes, little hands can attach them to the bars themselves and they have an extra-large opening to allow a quick escape should the need arise.




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    This scooter introduces a totally new way to get around! Just move your body from side to side and its innovative three-wheeled design gets you going and keeps you moving!People of all ages will love this scooter as it provides a smooth and enjoyable ride never experienced before. The Fliker is easily foldable, just unscrew the bolts near the front wheel to collapse the scooter. - Easy foldable scooter with padded hand grips for extra comfort.

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