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Micro Scooterearz

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On Monday we saw the launch of 'Micro Scooterearz' at Top Drawer London. We went along to Olympia with fellow scooter accessory designers to launch the new Micro Scooter accessory range.

As well as our funky new designs for  2012 (union  jacks / cars / & flowers) we have produced some exclusive Scooterearz scooter mitts designs for Micro Scooters which feature hearts, stars and spots in bright colours - they are sure to brighten up any cold winter morning whilst keeping little fingers warm as you scoot. Here's some images we had shot before Micro Scooters snapped them up! Thanks to our photographer Jo Douet Images.  The exclusive designs are available from

heartsstars3 hearsstars1 heartsstars2
hearts  spots stars

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  1. emma vickers

    Please can I get the Earz in either stars or spots any more? The pink-for-girls flowers/hearts and blue-for-boys cars/heros you seem to only have is just not a great choice for a boy who is just not into stereotyped gender products! Yes you have BLACK with either pink or blue but that's not fun..

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  2. johnmils

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