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NEW From Scooterearz BIKE EARZ bicycle handlebar mitts,Bike Pogies

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NEW From Scooterearz BIKE EARZ Bike Pogies!

Bike earz bicycle handlebar mittens are a natural progression from Scooterearz as designed for slightly older children (recommended for 8 years and older) up to mums on the go! Ever since we created Scooterearz we've been asked  'Do they fit on Bikes?' Well yes, now they do!

Bike earz simply attach to the handlebars of most bicycles, they have an extra large opening to fit over the brakes and handlebars and are secured tightly with a toggle. Bike earz are perfect for cycling in the winter weather. Bike earz Pogies keep your hands snug, warm and protected from the elements, whilst still allowing full use of brakes and gears.

With a large reflective design on the front they help you stand out if cycling in the darker hours and low tack velcro either side should you need to pull your hands out quickly.
Available October 2013 from the Scooterearz Shop

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