If you're in doubt about any of our products we've included some Frequently Asked Questions...

How do they attach?
Scooterearz have an elasticated cuff and slide over the handlbars- children can put them on and remove them themselves.

Can my children remove their hands quickly?
Scooterearz have been designed to have an extra large hand opening so that children can release their hands quickly should the need arise.

How do I attach them?
Bags are easy to attach. They have 3 velcro straps . One attaches to the top of the T bar near to the handlebars and then 2 more attach to the longest part of the T bar ensuring your bag stays put, not matter where you go!

Can I use it as a lunch box?
Our Bagz have a wipe clean interior so they are perfect for packed lunches. They aren't insulated though so will not keep food hot or cold.

Will things fall out of the bag?
Each bag has a zipped top so your childen's favourite toys  won't fall out!