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No scooter this winter will be complete without a funky pair of “Scooterearz” – washable, wearable, durable handwarmers which you easily attach to your child’s scooter. These fun Micro Scooter accessories are made to fit most push scooter models, little hands can attach them to the bars themselves and they have an extra-large opening to allow a quick escape should the need arise.

Simple, but brilliant.



So if you want to make life a little easier in the morning, when trying to get your little darlings out of the door, treat them to a pair of Scooterearz. No more searching for lost gloves and cosy hands as warm as toast. Now that’s what we call scooterearz smart!

Scooterearz are available in 4 different designs which have been updated for Autumn/Winter 2017. Scooterearz now have 'Velcro' side openings and boning across the top to give a sturdier hand opeing and to allow even easier hand release.Available in the following designs - Classic Black- in a choice of pink or blue fun fur with matching piping, our popular Flower design has been re-vamped for Autumn/Winter 2017 and we have launched a brand new pattern for Autumn/Winter 2017 - Emoji. All our Scooterearz are designed to co-ordinate with our matching Bagz.

The outer material is water resistant coated (although we would recommend removing Scooterearz from your scooter in a heavy rain storm)

Information you might find useful:

  • Our products are designed to fit most makes of scooters including Micro
  • One side of our Scooterearz is made using low tac Velcro allowing a child to pull their hand quickly and easily
  • The inside of our scooterearz is made using fun fur and the outer is water resistance coated (although we would recommend removing Scooterearz from your scooter in a heavy rain storm)
  • The opening is made using elastic ensuring they can stretch onto most scooters*
  • Our Scooterearz dimensions are approximately 25x21x2 cm

Your children simply place their hands in the fun fur opening (designed with an extra large gap and new Velcro release) in case they need a rapid escape!!) and grab hold of the handlebars as normal*. Hey presto - snug hands and your child will hopefully have many happy hours on their scooter.

  • Recommended for age 4+
  • Not to be used on scooters with handlebar mounted brakes.
  • Remove Scooterearz from scooter when not in use.
  • Do not leave Scooterearz on scooter during heavy rain.
  • We recommend wearing a helmet whilst scooting.
  • We remind all customers that scooting carries certain risks and we would encourage everyone to stay as safe as possible. 

These fun shaped bags come in a choice of a Flower, Emoji, Super Hero and Heart designs which will brighten up any scooter or bike.

Our Bagz dimensions vary slightly but are approximately 26x 26x 4cm

Our bags are attached using 3 velcro straps. One goes round the pole and the top two attach to the T bar. The Flower and  Heart design bags feature 2 carry handles at the top of the bag and the Super Hero and Emoji Bag feature back Pack straps when not is use on your scooter.

The Bags feature a wipe clean interior and a zipped top to keep your valuables secure.

Perfect for a snack if meeting friends in the park with their wipe clean interiors.

They also co-ordinate perfectly with our Scooterearz range.  Make sure your child's scooter stands out from everyone else's in the playground!