1. We recommend your child always wears a helmet whilst scooting.
  2. Ensure your child is always within your sight whilst scooting.
  3. Look out for cars at all times. Electric cars make no noise so you can't always hear them.
  4. Always get off your scooter when you cross the road.
  5. Slow down on rough surfaces.
  6. Be especially careful in adverse weather conditions.
  7. Try and stay at visible as possible, we recommend our 'Reflectz' TBar stickers or a light in the darker months.
  8. In the unlikely event of having to pull your hands out in a hurry of our Scooterearz its a good idea to have practised this with your child. It is safer that they know to let go and pull their hands out quickly.
  9. We don't recommend wearing any gloves whilst using Scooterearz.
  10. Not all children can scoot to the same ability. Whilst we recommend that you be aged 4 plus the use of Scooterearz is at the discretion of the parents.