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Check out our range of Scooter accessory sets and SAVE£'s!

Scooterearz kids Scooter Handwarmers
Scootereaz Kids bags for Scooters
Scooterearz Kids Scooter Accessory Sets

Welcome to Scooterearz- A bright and cheerful range of coordinating Kids Scooter Accessories

A range of fun kids scooter hand warmers / mitts and cycle accessories designed to get you out and about whatever the weather.
Designed by mums, our products are universal & fit all popular brands of scooters and cycles including Micro Scooters. 

Scooter Accessory Sets

Scooterearz Hand Warmers

Scooterearz kids Scooter Handwarmers

Scooterearz Bagz

Scootereaz Kids bags for Scooters

Scooter Accesory Sets

Scooterearz Kids Scooter Accessory Sets

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“They work!
Keep little hands warm while riding in the cold winter, waterproof and easy to clean.”

We love happy customers...

“I wish I had invented these myself!
No more tantrums over getting gloves on, or lost gloves. No more wet and cold hands on the school run - Genius”